PSA auditted

The Auditor General’s report on the supervisory practices of PSA was presented in mid January 2019 (report in Norwegian). PSA was severely criticised for not choosing practices which ensure that the industry complies with the regulations, based on detailed assessment of 4 cases (Goliat, Songa Endurence, Mongstad, Nyhamna). PSA has commented that they already have started to change practices.

But PSA got the same message in 2013 from the Engen-1 report, which was not followed up by PSA, except for a couple of minor points. The need for PSA to give more explicit priorities and use of legal instruments was one of three main conclusions from Engen-1.

If PSA had followed up the conclusion from Engen-1 in 2013, they may have avoided the very negative focus from the Auditor general.

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