Ownership and Management

Preventor AS is owned by Myrbakken AS (100 %), a holding company 100 % owned by its founder, J. E. Vinnem and his family.

Dr.ing. Jan Erik Vinnem is the manager of Preventor AS. He is since 1.1.2014 a Professor of operational risk management (marine & offshore) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Marine Technology. He has a varied background from research, education, consultancy and oil companies. Recent experience is from Total Norway, responsible for development of risk acceptance criteria for operations as well as the preparation of Frigg Safety Case and PFEER assessment under UK regulations. The work also included advice to management on risk to personnel, environment and assets.

He has lectured on Risk Management and Risk Analysis in many countries and has worked as a consultant advising clients in several continents. In Norway he has conducted many continuing education courses, in addition to company internal education in risk and reliability analysis, for offshore companies as well as onshore industries.

Jan Erik Vinnem has for several years devoted much of his energy to stimulate international co-operation within the risk management profession, and has managed and initiated several projects and programs with international co-operation.