BORA – Barrier and Operational Risk Analysis

The BORA project is aimed at detailed and quantitative modelling of barrier performance, including barriers to prevent occurrence of initiating events, and barriers to avoid or reduce consequences.

The project has set a goal to carry out an extensive demonstration project, whereby all relevant barrier elements are integrated into one comprehensive model, for a dedicated case study. A model has been proposed based on use of Fault Trees, Event Trees, Influence Diagrams, risk Influencing Factors and simplified modelling of dependencies between RIFs.

Case studies in order to demonstrate application of the model and explore the strengths and challenges of the modelling are being carried out in 2004 and 2005. The case studies have been quite different with respect to input data available, which gives an opportunity to compare how these differences influence on the usefulness and robustness.

The project is financed by: NFR, PSA, HSE, OLF and Statoil.

PSAM7 paper
ESREL 2005