jev_storName: Jan Erik Vinnem
Year of Birth: 1950
Nationality: Norwegian

Specialist Advisor Risk Management – Professor/Managing director

M.Sc. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in System Safety Engineering; The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim.

Key Qualifications:
J E Vinnem is the founder of Preventor AS, a Risk Management Research and Development company. He also founded SikteC AS in 1984, a company which he left in 1993.

Prior to starting as the principal of Preventor AS in late 1996, he has worked in Total Norge for nearly three and a half years, during which he also has had a part time professorship at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, where he teached a course in risk analysis of marine structures, including offshore structures and ships.

His principle interests whilst working with research and education, were in the development of risk analysis techniques for application in the offshore, process and chemical industries. He has applied such techniques to a great variety of actual problems during his employment in the oil industry, research, education and in consultancy.

In the experimental field, Dr. Vinnem has been much involved in explosion including experiment design and large scale explosion tests. He has carried out tests of resistance of full scale models subject to simulated explosion loads.

In safety management, he has experience from the oil industry, advising, training and education and in the organization of safety programmes and related documentation, with a special emphasis on establishing of risk acceptance criteria.

Dr Vinnem has since mid 1990ties been involved with development of risk analysis methodology for environmental risk analysis, as member of the steering committee for MIRA methodology as well as development of risk acceptance criteria for environmental risk. His focus area has been how QRA methodology and environmental risk analysis may be integrated. His most recent work in this regard are development of new approaches to environmental risk communication and development of a new approach for national risk picture for acute spill risk for the entire Norwegian Continental Shelf (refs).

Jan Erik Vinnem has since 1995 specialized in the integration of human and organizational aspects into quantitative operational risk analysis for fixed and floating offshore installations and shuttle tankers, and has managed a number of research projects in this field, with government and private funding, with a total budget of more than 30 million NOK. Another speciality is development of risk indicator for major hazards, which has been researched through cooperation with PSA and internal resources.

His main research topic during the last 10 years has been management of barriers & monitoring of major hazard risk, with extensive projects for PSA and oil companies, and a substantial scientific production, including the integration of human and organizational barriers as mentioned above.

Dr. Vinnem is a recognized lecturer in risk management and risk analysis, and has presented a number of papers on different subjects. He has also conducted courses for clients in Norway and for international clients in Portugal, Brazil, India, Russia and China.

Nominations and Affiliations

2012 - 2013Member of ad hoc expert group to review HES regulations offshore in Norway
2005 - presentHonorary member of ESRA Norway
2005 - 2007ESREL 2007 Vice Chairman
1993 - 1999Chairman of ESRA's working group on the use of QRA in european offshore industry
1996 - 1998Member of the organising committee for ESREL'98 conference in Trondheim in 1998
1994 - 1998Chairman of the Board of ESRA Norway
1995 - 1997Vice Chairman of ESRA International board

Chairman of OLF's Working Group for Risk Analysis in the Norwegian Offshore Industry
since 1995Member of ISO Work Group 6 for preparation of ISO standards on application of risk management techniques


2014 to presentProfessor in marine operational risk management, Department of Marine Technology, NTNU
2013Professor II, Department of Marine Technology, NTNU
2008 - 2014Professor II, UiS, Faculty of Science and Technology
2005 - 2008Professor, UiS, Faculty of Science and Technology
1999 - 2005Professor II, UiS, Faculty of Science and Technology
1996 to presentSpecialist Advisor Risk Management and Managing director, Preventor AS
1994 - 2003Professor II in safety technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Marine Technology
1993 - 1996Special Advisor/Risk Analysis in Total Norge, Safety, Environment and Quality Staff function. Consultant to the international oil and gas industry
1984 - 1993Founder and chief executive of Safetec group
1983 - 1984Seconded to Technica Ltd, London as senior consultant
1981 - 1983Senior Lecturer, Safety Engineering, Department of Machine Design, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
1979 - 1981Head of System Safety Analysis, StatoilHydro, Safety and Quality Department
1977 - 1979Graduated as following from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, Subject of thesis: Generic methodology system safety analysis, with applications from process industry
1975 - 1977Research engineer, SINTEF


Several Projects to assist operators to develop major hazard indicators.

Several projects to assist operators in developing ALARP evaluation guidelines.

Main consultant/editor for PSA annual reports for Risk Level project.

Development of OLF Area Emergency Preparedness guidelines.

Development of personnel protection philosophy for potential future conversion to stand alone mode for one Frigg platform.

Author and co-ordinator of preparation of NORSOK standard on risk and emergency preparedness analysis.

Project manager for pre project on operational safety of FPSOs, including marine, structural, hydrocarbon and auxiliary systems hazards.

Responsible for preparation of Frigg Central Complex Safety Case, Revisions 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0, including integration of UK regulations for Prevention of Fire and Explosion and Emergency Response (PFEER).

Chairman of OLF’s working group for risk analysis, responsible for development of OLF’s guidelines for risk acceptance criteria.

Chairman of OLF steering committee for development of Environment Risk Analysis Methodology.

Chairman of JIP Steering Committee for joint research projects:

Fire on Sea (SINTEF/NBL, Trondheim)

Ignition Modelling (DNV, AEA Technology, Scandpower, COWIconsult)

Development of Safety Case communication to offshore workforce, including written popularized documentation, short information videos and for conducting seminars with offshore force to explain the philosophy of the safety protection concept chosen.

Responsible for safety systems philosophy for upgrading of TCP2 Safety Systems.

Author/Editor of Total Norge’s 1994, 1995 and 1996 Annual Reports on Health, Environment and Safety.

Coordinator for NORSOK (OLF) subgroup for Risk Analysis in the offshore industry.

Responsible for development of risk acceptance criteria for Total Norge installations:

  • Frigg Central Complex, Normal operation and Tie-in period
  • Frøy Wellhead platform, during tender assisted and stand alone phases
  • DP2 during Not Normally Manned Mode

Project Manager for Safetec for several Concept Safety Evaluations and detailed risk analysis studies of floating production systems:

  • Snorre, Heidrun (TLP)
  • Veslefrikk (Semi-submersible)
  • Njord (four competing monohull – FPSO – and semi-sub concepts)

Responsible for development of risk acceptance criteria for several clients and projects, most notably for Heidrun project, for temporary installation and hook-up phases as well as for permanent production phase.

Project Manager for Safetec for a large number of Concept Safety Evaluations and detailed risk analysis studies (Snorre, Gullfaks Sør, Veslefrikk, Heidrun, Draugen, Njord, Heimdal, Frigg DP2)

The studies cover almost all types of installations used or proposed for production of oil and gas in the North Sea (Norway and UK). Such as fixed gravity based platforms, steel supported platforms, fixed and floating production platforms in combination subsea wellhead systems. The type of studies have been all steps from scanning coarse studies to full concept study approval of the authorities.

Further, Dr. Vinnem has conducted a number collision studies, reliability/availability studies, evacuation studies etc. for offshore installations.

Fire on SeaProject Manager for a large Research Program (RABL) for development of an analysis procedure for accidental events to mobile drilling units related to loss of buoyancy. (1985-88)

Project Manager for JIP project; COLLIDE software development, for Norwegian and UK operating companies and authorities. (1988-91)

Project Manager for NORAD funded project to the Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) of India, on a feasibility study for a major safety, environment and emergency management training and research centre in Goa, India. (1990-91)

Project Manager for concept risk screening study for fixed and floating concepts for Deep Water US Gulf of Mexico. (1991)