FPSO Operational Safety

The FPSO Operational Safety project has been running since 1996, with the following main phases:
1996-97: Pre project, definition phase
1997-98: MP3: Riser damage due to inadequate turret operations
1999-2000: MP1: Collision with shuttle tanker
2000-2002: Extended analysis of shuttle tanker collision risk
This is a research project, which over the years have been supported by Esso/ExxonMobil, Health and Safety Executive, Statoil, Navion and Norsk Hydro.

The research project on FPSO Operational Safety is about to finish its last phase, in which a detailed study of the risk for collision by shuttle tankers has been analyzed. The project is carried out jointly by NTNU and SINTEF, with the former as project responsible.

The presentation by J E Vinnem, Project Manager in the SPE conference on Health, Safety and Environment in Stavanger 28. June, 2000, can be viewed from here.

OTO Report 086, 2000 (Operational safety of FPSOs: Initial summary report)

HSE Report RR113: Operational safety of FPSOs shuttle tanker collision risk summary report