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Preventor’s Services
Preventor aims at providing services to its clients nationally and internationally through its own resources and through alliances with other companies, in order to meet our clients’ needs. The following services are offered:

  • Development of Risk Management policies, standards, programmes and plans
  • Risk Management implementation in operator, contractor and supplier organizations
  • Development of Risk Acceptance Criteria for personnel, environment and assets in accordance with Norwegian or UK legislation
  • Provide guidance documents for ALARP evalutaions
  • Barrier management approaches for operations, including performance requirements
  • Major hazard risk indicators
  • R &D programmes for activities and inventions within the Risk Management field
  • Preparation of Safety Case under UK regulations
  • Perform Risk Analysis (incl. QRA) and Emergency Preparedness Analysis
  • Perform Cost Benefit Analysis of safety and emergency preparedness measures
  • Area based emergency preparedness
  • Training programmes and courses in Risk Management topics