Dynamic Positioning (DP) safety improvement

The NTNU research which has been ongoing since 2015 has two focus areas:

  • On-line risk modelling of DP operation
  • Use of on-line tools for improved real-time decision support to DP Operators

One Postdoc researcher and two PHD candidates at NTNU (Department of marine technology) are working with these topics, at the moment focusing on the following case studies:

  • DP shuttle tankers off-loading crude oil from FPSO in tandem configuration
  • DP drilling

Also other uses of DP are to some extent considered, but the main focus is on DP shuttle tankers and DP drilling. More details are available on the project’ s NTNU web page.

The on-line risk modelling ties in with more generic research on dynamic risk analysis, and is heavily based on use of advanced computer tools, in cooperation with the B. John Garrick Institute for Risk Sciences (UCLA, Prof. Ali Mosleh).