Cruising along the Norwegian coast?

The article about the need to rethink cruise ships safety along the Norwegian coast in winter months in Dagens Næringsliv has cought some wide spread interest. The article was republished by several others papers. The interview in Klassekampen (in Norwegian, login required) was perhaps the most interesting.

A follow-up article by Professors Utne & Vinnem in Dagens Næringsliv (in Nowegian) focuses on what should be done, but we are still waiting for some interest from the authorities.

It appears that the cruise traffic along the Norwegian coast (Viking Sky had visited Alta on their way along the coast) in winter months has increased rapidly without any awareness and certainly no public debate about safety of passengers or oil spill risk in case of accidents.

Some responses from authorities have revealed that there is no single authority who sees the responsibility for challenge in total, the Maritime Directorate has responsiblity for the ships and their equipment, the Coastal Directorate for towing of vessels when they become a threat, the Minister of Public Security for the public SAR helicopters, etc. Who shall take the overall responsibility for ensuring that the cruise traffic is sufficiently safe?