Chistmas present to Strømmestiftelsen

Preventor has adopted a new project with Strømmestiftelsen, for its annual christmas gift. The new project is in Tanzania, in a rural district, Mwanza, on the southern shores of the Victoria lake. The project is focused on pre school children, education of teachers to basic schools and vocational schools, in addition to training of parents, savings and minor loans.

The Tahea project is working to improve the social and economic conditions for all communities in Mwanza, through education and microfinance. Tahea will:

  • Give children aged 3-8 years access to quality education.
  • Improve living conditions for the entire community by providing training in microfinance and entrepreneurship.

Job creation among young people is an important part of Tahea strategy. Youths have received a special offer that involves vocational training, management training and introduction to the savings and loan groups. You can find more here (in Norwegian).