We need a new Kåre Willoch!

Former Prime Minister Kåre Willoch (H) presented his “Sårbarhetvurdering” (vulnerability assessment) in 2000 and proposed many actions, including the forming of a new MInistry for Safety and Emergency. According to rumours, the new Ministry was almost a reality with the forming of a new government in 2001, when the new Minister of Justice blocked the decision, because he wanted to keep the responsibility for emergency.

Today’s report from the Auditor General Norway (Riksrevisjonen) about lacking security in Norway (here) is the current last indication that a separate Ministry would have been a blessing, but we fear there will be more bad signs in the coming months, telling the same story. Let us hope not a tradegy will be needed before somebody sees what is needed.

Willoch’s report is almost 20 years old, but the need for a dedicated MInistry for Safety and Emergency has never been higher. We probably need a new study and a new report, probably also a new Kåre Willoch!