Relevant data

The following list is extracted from Z-013, Annex D:

HazardRecommended data source
Process leakHSE Leak and Ignition Data base, Offshore Hydrocarbon Releases, 1992-00, HID HSR 2001:002

HCLIP (for NCS, to be published by NPD in April 2002)
Riser/pipeline leakPARLOC 96, The update of loss of containment data for offshore pipelines, AME Ltd.
BlowoutSINTEF Blowout database, Report SFT38 F00431
CollisionCOAST traffic database (Norwegian extension expected in mid 2002)
Dropped objectNo source available
Helicopter transportationSINTEF Helicopter Safety Study, Rev. 2, 15.12.1999
Occupational accidentsNPD Annual report 2000, May 2001
Human tolerability limitsScandpower/DNV report for Statoil, “Human resistance against thermal effects, explosion effects, toxic effects and obscuration of vision”, dated 14.9.1993
Safety and production systemsOREDA, Offshore Reliability Data, SINTEF, Safety and reliability Department
GeneralWOAD, Worldwide Offshore Accident Data, DNV