70 year celebration lecture

On 9th December ESRA Norway marked Jan Erik’s 70 yr aniversary in October with a webinar. About 55 joined in, actually singing the Norwegian version of ‘Congratulations’ in unison as a start, very nice!

Three key presentations, the first by Jan Erik, sparked some discussion and interest. His main messages:

  • The petroleum industry needs to focus on the increased risk posed by significant changes to contextual parameters the last few years.
  • Petroleum Safety Authority needs to sharpen its follow-up of the industry in response to the Auditor General’s critical report in 2019.

The other presentations were made by Jens Rolfsen, Safetec and Torleif Husebø, Petroleumstilsynet. The webinar was concluded with a brief summary made by Frank Vollen, Safetec.

Videos and lectures from the webinar can be found here.