Risk_OMT Risk Modelling – Integration of Organisational, Human and Technical factors

The Risk_OMT project was started in the second half of 2007 and will be completed at the end of 2010. This project is a cooperation between UiS/IRIS, Preventor, Safetec Nordic, SINTEF, Studio Apertura (NTNU) and IFE with Professor Jan Erik Vinnem as the Project Manager.

The objective is to provide new knowledge and tools for major hazard risk management for offshore installations (and onshore plants) based on improved understanding of the influence of organisational, human and technical factors. The research efforts will contribute to bridging the gap between the extensive knowledge about organisational and human factors in general, and the lack of knowledge about how to reduce the major hazard risk level due to operational causes.

The total budget of the project is 9.8 mill NOK, of which 7.8 mill NOK is funded by NFR and 2 mill NOK is funded by StatoilHydro.

The project will finance a PhD.grant at the University of Stavanger. The following are the main project tasks of the Risk_OMT project:

  1. OMT Models for Major Hazards
  2. Organisational, Operational and Technical influence on Barrier Effectiveness
  3. Risk Quantification
  4. Analysis of Risk Reduction Options
  5. Empirical Study of Effectiveness of Risk Management Approaches

Links to further information:

Project summary

Project organisation

Overview of papers

The following are the project partners, with IRIS as the administrator: