Personnel transportation solutions?

The chronicle about alternatives to helicopter transportation was originally published in Stavanger Aftenblad (in Norwegian), and was subsequently also published by , and attracted a large amount of personal comments on the net.

It was never thought that vessel transportation will be the norm, but transportation by vessels may be a supplement in certain scenarios and/or areas, as it already is in some areas (including the North Sea), and as it has been considered already in some few cases for the Norwegian sector.

This should be particularly interesting when the high focus on perceived risk by offshore employees is taken into consideration.

The large research programme financed by NFR and the industry, “Safety Offshore” (SPS, 1978-83) included an extensive study of alternatives to helicopter transportation (carried out by Kongsberg Engineering). Although the premises probably have changed significantly during 35 years (Summary report from October 1982), it would have been interesting to have the chance to review the findings some 35 years ago.

If anybody has access to any of these SPS reports, please make contact.

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