Offshore Risk Assessment, 4th Edition

Currently the updating of the two volume book Offshore Risk Assessment (Springer) has started after the summer holidays. The manuscript of the 4th Edition of the book will be delivered to the publishers in the first quarter 2019, to be published thereafter.

The new edition will summarise the latest research and developments, but will also give an opportunity to update statistics that is not published regularly anywhere else, such as fatality statistics, helicopter transportation personnel risks, etc.

The intention is also to cover normally unmanned installations (NUI) an applicable safety and emergency arrangements.

So far the only financial support is from Department of Marine Technology, NTNU, who has financed a summer student to update the information about the applicable software in Appendix A.

The 4th Edition will be authored by Professor Jan Erik Vinnem, NTNU and Adjunct Professor Willy Røed, UiS. Like the 3rd Edition, the book will be available as hardcopy as well as ebook.

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